Apparently  ‘We always knew they were coming back’. Nobody told me!

Starship Troopers vs. Alien vs. The War of the Worlds (circa. 1953). That’s probably the best way to describe the latest in a long line of recent blockbuster trailers including: Batman vs. Superman, X-Men: Apocalypse, The BFG and now Independence Day: Resurgence.

Fans of the original 1996 Independence Day science fiction extravaganza starring Will Smith and the returning Jeff Goldblum could be forgiven for feeling a little apprehensive when Independence Day 2 was announced. Heck, even I voiced my own concerns and vented my rage to some extent but gradually and mildly forgot about it after about an hour.

But the trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence is finally here and I’m super excited for Summer 2016. Not only does IDR join the above titles in what is shaping up to be the biggest blockbuster year for a long time but it actually looks pretty decent.

As I mentioned before, Jeff Goldblum makes a welcome return to the sequel some twenty years after he saved the world alongside Hancock, Hitch, and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air or are they all the same person? I forget. The only thing that was missing was a suitably fresh declaration of “I am Legend” to mark the occasion. But alas, I digress.

Will Smith will not be returning for IDR and instead, Goldblum is joined by Liam Hemsworth after his recent triumph in Panem and thankfully Roland Emmerich directs the show from his squidgy moccasins. Depite the obvious reason, Emmerich couldn’t be better suited to direct the sequel to his magnum opus. Having directed monster natural disaster films such as Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012 since aliens first attempted to invade Earth in 1996 Emmerich will hopefully revive the formula that has since made Independence Day one of the most iconic sci-fi films of the late 20th century, how apt eh Fox!

If you’re wondering why I’m not talking about the trailer it’s because you really should watch it for yourself. Goldblum and Hemsworth do a spot of moon walking, the President delivers an inspirational speech about annihilation and we catch a glimspe of a space battle to rival Star Wars.

Without further ado I present the trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence,

Maika Monroe of recent cult Horror It Follows joins the supporting cast alongside Vivica A. Fox and William Fichtner. Released some time Summer 2016 (I should imagine July 4th) consider yourselves warned of their return.

~ “Ha-ha-ha! Hello, boys! I’m BAAAAAACK!” ~



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