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For those of you who don’t know me my name is James and I love watching movies. I have recently graduated and the most common question I get asked is, “So, you done a History degree are you going to go into teaching?” Simply, no I am not. I go on to tell them that if there is one job out there that would be perfect for me it would be talking about movies. Enter ‘Back to the Viewer’. This is my chance to talk about movies, deliver honest independent reviews and give you a unique insight into my film habits.

What is the one thing that unites every single person when we watch a film in the company of others? Whether it be in the cinema or in our homes we each fulfil our obligation to share an opinion. Here at BTTV I have taken this uniting factor and attempted to create a place where opinions can be expressed and fairly criticised.

This new venture seeks to bring you all things film, with a dash of television complemented by reviews and ratings. My discussions of films have been limited to a few family members and close friends but I thought it was about time to share my views with the world.

Naturally I encourage engagement so feel free to leave comments, start debates and leave review requests.

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19 thoughts on “Credits

  1. Hey – I was going to email you something this afternoon but I couldn’t find your email –

    RE: banners –

    Shoot me something at and I’ll get your email into my contacts –

    Your writing is excellent, sir! The blog is great! My wife is almost home home so I need to go do my husbandly duties. And – don’t get your head going around and around!! We need to go to the store and take the dogs for a walk and such!!!

    See ya soon!

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    1. Woah been super busy and haven’t had a chance to reply let alone design some AWESOME banners! Never fear, I’m on it now. What sort of mind do you think I have? All I could imagine when you said “husbandly duties” was going shopping and walking the dog, of course!

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