THE BFG or Unfriendly Titan? – Trailer

I’m probably in the minority here, what with a referential knowledge of both Roald Dahl and Attack on Titan but hey, I’m a well versed nerd, what can I say?

Now, yesterday afternoon at approximately 2pm GMT Disney’s trailer for the upcoming BFG was released and I was left with one image. How much does the BFG tease look like a man-eating Titan from Attack on Titan?

If it wasn’t for the cute bed time story voice over and Disney’s seal of approval one could easily be forgiven for mistaking this trailer for the live action Attack on Titan adaptation the manga deserved. But hey, who am I to judge. Chances are that most children and parents aren’t even aware of Attack on Titan so it’s probably just me who now has this haunting image in my head.

For your sanity I won’t include a picture of a harrowing Titan but if you should feel so inclined then a simple google search will suffice, you’ve been warned though.

I’ll leave the nerdism here and let you watch the trailer, despite my now troubled bias this does actually look pretty good. I doubt it will have a touch on Fantastic Mr. Fox but that should go without saying really.

Steven Spielberg directs and The BFG arrive sin UK cinemas Summer 2016.

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