Rating System

Creating a movie rating system that doesn’t depende on a rating out of 10, or a star system is tough. But it turns out my first attempt at a rating system didn’t make the cut and I was always a little disappointed, it felt a bit lazy even if I had good intentions.

What initially began as a formulated set of descriptions that guide you towards, or away from a particular movie without getting bogged down in the subjectivity of numbers or stars has now become an amalgamation of the two. The descriptions remain and now serve a second purpose, to give meaning and reason to a rating out of five. But while the descriptons complement the rating and vice versa they are not a strict guideline. For the keen eyes among you would have noticed that I have six descriptions. For example a Timeless Classic such as The Room only deserves 1/5 and while a film may achieve the coveted 5/5 the ultimate decider will be between Timeless Classic and Must-see. Hopefully this will help you gauge my overall opinion of a film as well as provide you with a relatable star system for a quick reference point.

Here we go then:

At the highest end of the spectrum is where we would find a Timeless Classic. A film that does everything right with a longevity that spans generations.

Next up we have the Must-see films. Pretty self explanatory really.

Thirdly we jump straight to the Brilliant rating. Not much wrong with it and if you missed it then it is definitely worth catching when an opportunity arises.

The Worth my time rating will be dished out to a film that can keep me entertained from start to finish but doesn’t go beyond the call of duty.

Average films have those moments that make them enjoyable or at least endurable but can be a testing experience. After the time you have committed something compels you to finish it.

Lastly we come to the category that no serious film really wants to find itself in. What else could I have done in x amount of hours? If a film receives this rating then I would probably avoid it, unless you love terrible movies, in which case for those of you out there consider reading this list backwards.

Feel free to rate the films however you wish in the comments section and I look forward to some discontented opinions.

4 thoughts on “Rating System

  1. My compliments on your efforts. It’s tough, indeed.

    One concern I could never integrate in a rating system was Guilty Pleasures and their counterparts. A film is terrible in some way(s) but I loved it or I can’t stand a movie that’s impeccably made.

    Which part gets the rate? or does one use dual values? *sighs*

    I wish you the best on your method. :D

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  2. Cool. My reviews are based on 10, but sometimes i wonder if it’s become a little arbitrary and meaningless. But I generally give average films 5-6, 7 for something more decent, 8 for something better and 9+ to really great films. But this one is funnier :) “What else could I have done in x amount of time” XD

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