Pumping Iron with Mr. Freeze – For all things Arnie this is the place to be.

Because I watched… – This category concerns my mission to bring you a random movie from Netflix’s library of assorted goods, review and then recommend it or suggest you avoid at all costs.

Big Kahuna on Set – Welcome to the universe where Quentin Tarantino reigns supreme. From Reservoir Dogs to Django Unchained revel in the mastery of cinema’s most revered film maker.

Month in Stubs – Each month I’ll run a quick recap for the films I’ve seen in the cinema.

Minimalist Reviews – Recapping my home cinema viewings with extreme spareness and simplicity.

Opening Scene Opinions – My latest venture reviews the opening scene of a film. What it’s about, how it shapes the film and why it is memorable.

TV Specials – Take a step back from the world of cinema with this running feature on my favourite television series’, from Gilligan’s Albuquerque to Earth Dimension C-137.

            Currently running: Better Call Saul series review, check it out.

Gosling FestA one time Ryan Gosling extravaganza, featuring Drive, The Place Beyond the Pines, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.


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