Minimalist Reviews

Minimalist Reviews, as mentioned in my announcement post focuses on recapping my most recent reviews in a digestable chunk of minimalism. Summing each film up with a memorable quote and/or an incisive description that sums up my views. Find also a link to the main review, and I hope you enjoy the ‘art’. Total Recall ll “You are not you. You are me.” Network ll Sublime. The Warriors ll Absurd cultural gorn. John Wick ll Slick debut inspires Reeves to killer performance. Continue reading Minimalist Reviews

Announcing Minimalist Reviews

On such an important day in British history, compounded by intricate complexities, stacked full of convoluted policies, and ruled by a failing political system, the majority of the British population remain bemused before the polling stations close and we await the results of the next five years. Fortunately not everything has to be so complicated. My ‘Month in Stubs’ series suffered a dramatic set back when I set off for Austria way back in December. Without an English speaking cinema for 800 miles I had no choice but to let the momentum fizzle out, re-evaluate and come back fighting when … Continue reading Announcing Minimalist Reviews