Announcing Minimalist Reviews

On such an important day in British history, compounded by intricate complexities, stacked full of convoluted policies, and ruled by a failing political system, the majority of the British population remain bemused before the polling stations close and we await the results of the next five years.

Fortunately not everything has to be so complicated.

My ‘Month in Stubs’ series suffered a dramatic set back when I set off for Austria way back in December. Without an English speaking cinema for 800 miles I had no choice but to let the momentum fizzle out, re-evaluate and come back fighting when I returned. Update: I’ve been home for three weeks, no cinema trip, no stubs to collect, no series post to write. *sigh*

However, way back when I first added ‘Month in Stubs’ to Back to the Viewer’s repertoire I had every intention of bringing you a round-up of my non-cinema related posts as well. Films I’d watched in the comfort of my own home, beer in hand, and blogging brain tuned in. But alas, for all my good intentions my follow-up needs a little work.

[INT: Bedroom, at desk] – (Narrates in noir styled voice over) “Ideas. Or at least that’s what I used to call them. Now they feel like chores. Ergh, chores. The very word makes my spine tingle.”

[Flicks through notepad] – “These ideas are too complex. Whatever happened to ‘Month in Stubs’? Oh yeah, Austria. It has that effect, like Nicholson in Chinatown, haunting his every move. Am I haunted by a plagued series? What about a ‘Next time on…’ post, that worked well last time? Or just a recap of my recent posts? Simple, a little blasé perhaps, minimalist.” [clichéd ‘lightbulb’ imagery]

[Switch to Danny DeVito narration from Matilda] “And on this day James, of Back to the Viewer had a wonderful idea. Today was the day Minimalist Reviews was born.”

As an extension of my ‘Month in Stubs’ series that recaps my monthly cinema viewings, Minimalist Reviews will review my monthly small screen viewings with a little added something. True to the nature of the minimalist style my recaps will be “characterised by extreme spareness and simplicity”. Sometimes describing the film, or drawing on an iconic scene or object that defines its image.

This is the plan at least, following my post of John Wick tomorrow expect to see Minimalist Reviews hitting your Reader sometime over the weekend. As always, arrividerci. No, that doesn’t sound right…

Happy Viewing, that’s better

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