Minimalist Reviews

Minimalist Reviews, as mentioned in my announcement post focuses on recapping my most recent reviews in a digestable chunk of minimalism. Summing each film up with a memorable quote and/or an incisive description that sums up my views. Find also a link to the main review, and I hope you enjoy the ‘art’.

Minimalist TOTNETTotal Recall ll “You are not you. You are me.”

Network ll Sublime.

The Warriors ll Absurd cultural gorn.

John Wick ll Slick debut inspires Reeves to killer performance.

Minimalist WARWIC

20 thoughts on “Minimalist Reviews

          1. From your list I’ve only seen Total Recall. Haven’t had the pleasure of checking the others yet, but I really really love Total Recall. It’s odd, but it’s totally a childhood film for me :-)

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          2. Ah well how could I forget! I’m pretty sure it won the award for best special effects hands down, largely in part because they spent so much money on it there was no other film that could viably compete

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