Attention Readers – Take 12

~ Attention Readers – Take 12 ~

Let’s get things moving. The Night Before may not be on everyone’s ‘Anticipated Films’ list, even less so with this winter’s competition. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Spectre, and The Hateful Eight all vie for Academy attention come Oscar season while The Night Before will probably fade into obscurity as another Rogen flick packed with cheap laughs and shouting.

However, Kelly, of We Minored in Film, points out a rather astute observation that the outlandish humour often disguises. In an interesting article using the recently released redband trailer for The Night Before Kelly observes how we “see a pattern of a writer-actor who is continually drawn to stories of friends being torn apart and guys resisting the next stage of life, be it college or parenthood.” With this perspective in mind think back on Rogen’s work and it becomes a personalised experience.

In between moondancing Jordan enjoys some downtime articulating his original insights on film. He likes long walks on the beach, a tall glass of Prosecco and reading. He’s looking for someone to share life experience with and settle down in a quiet manor house on the outskirts of Oxfordshire. In other news, Jordan announced the Philip Seymour Hoffman Blogathon a while back and the entries came in thick and fast. Head over to Epileptic Moondancer and check out the collaboration tribute of his life in film.

Finally, Hard Ticket to Home Video celebrates 75 years of Bugs Bunny with another brilliant entry into the ‘Hard Tribute’ series. Warner Bros. classic cartoons featuring Bugs and the Looney Tunes gang have faded somewhat from public consciousness in recent times. Finding solitude in the minds of an older generation with the life support flickering in desperation Brad reminisces about the good times and links to a few classic episodes.

A rather eclectic mix this week, exactly what this feature is about. Stay tuned for more great posts from around the blogosphere and let me know of any great posts I might have missed.

~ That’s all folks ~

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