Month in Stubs – July


Month in Stubs returns with a quick recap of July’s cinema viewings. Follow the links for a more in depth review.

~ Happy Viewing ~

Terminator Genisys

This shameful reboot of a classic franchise suffers at the hands of Alan Taylor’s modern reimagining that focuses on a the birth of a new trilogy and fails to achieve its full potential. Gimmicky and cringey Genisys only succeeds in solidifying the solidarity held between avid defenders of Cameron’s magnum opus. * *


With slick comedy, smooth visuals and encouraging gags Ant-Man employs a multitude of shameless gimmicks to deliver a relatively unoriginal premise. But with a heartwarming story and impressive visuals Ant-Man proves that the best things come in small packages. * * *

Inside Out

Pixar’s latest outing is fun, refreshing, and emotional. Taking the viewer on a journey through Riley’s conscious mind we’re treated to a depth of character development and vivid imagination. With a worthy * * * * Inside Out is a tasty treat for children and adults alike. Check it out.

11 thoughts on “Month in Stubs – July

  1. Even looking back through my reviews, I could hardly keep track of everything I see in a month. Makes me tired. I also trash my stubs quickly – gotta keep my purse looking nice!

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  2. Great idea for a post!!

    I got an idea. Maybe you could also give each movie its own image with stub with your star rating on the ticket (CG graphic or crayon). Just a thought.

    I really enjoy the quick hit verdict in like 1 or 2 sentences, as well. Nice work, buddy.

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