Kung Fury

Pulsing synthwave vibes set a vibrant neon tone for David Sandberg’s 80s martial arts/police action throwback featuring a rampaging coin-op, Adolf Hitler, a Tyrannosaurus rex, Thor, Kung Fury, and the Hoff. Yeah ‘The Hoff’!

30 minutes, suave effects, wicked soundtrack, and an ecclectic hodgepodge of characters. Sandberg’s stylish vision knocks the socks off the viewer with a bang. Following the anthropomorphisation of an arcade game that proceeds to cause unprecedented damage to a local Miami ciy block we’re introduced to Kung Fury. Rising from his slumber after a desperate police call he drops one million floors into his Lamborghini Countach and speeds off into the distance to do his job and exact swift justice on the perpetrator.

Cut to origin story and we follow Kung Fury’s nostalgic voiceover as he details the events of his past. Struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra this regular cop absorbs the ability to master a great and powerful Kung Fu. His body contorts with electricity as he becomes Kung Fury and slams that Kung Fu master home.

Adopting the classic police action trope of ‘officer gets chewed out by angry police chief’ with a glorious one-liner we’re back in the modern day. Cut to an ostensible marina scene and Hitler rocks up with a thick stereotypical accent. After blasting shots through the phone and taking out half of Kung Fury’s precinct revenge is on the cards for this renegade cop. Sent back in time by Hackerman, “the greatest hacker of all time”, with an excellent Tron reference Kung Fury sets out on a mission to kill Adolf Hitler, a.k.a., Kung Führer.

When Hackerman’s time hack goes wrong and begins ‘Hacking too much time’ Kung Fury is sent back to the Viking Age where he encounters Thor and various viking babe warriors. After pitching a Personal Transportable Cellular Telephone and giving them his number he sets off for Nazi Germany to end Hitler.

If you hadn’t already guessed Kung Fury is a whole lotta fun (my own 80s throwback to ‘Fun House’). There’s a marvelous side-scrolling atavism featuring Kung Fury in a fight sequence rooted in 80s martial arts video games. Similar in style to Chan-Wook Park’s masterful, ultra-realistic tracking shot of Dae-su Oh in Oldboy, but with less pain and more VHS filtered extravagance.

David Sandberg announced the Kung Fury Kickstarter campaign in December 2013. One month later and Kung Fury had raised over $630,000, unbelievable Jeff. Released yesterday (28th May 2015) Kung Fury has already racked up an astonishing 2.7million views on YouTube where you can find the full movie for free.

A Brilliant roller coaster of 80s pop culture references attack your sense left, right, and centre in this incredibly well thought out piece of cheesy sci-fi that’s fuelled by an insatiable appreciation of 80s martial arts and police action flicks.

* * * *

Happy Viewing

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