Attention Readers -Take 7

...and scene.

Another day, another week and some more posts worth your attention. I’ve opted for a purely ‘Review’ based Attention Readers this week so sit back and have a butcher’s at these smart reviews.

Coolsville wrote a marvelous piece on Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Insightful and concise, worthy of a read if you’ve seen Anderson’s latest love letter to whimsy’s hipster cousin quirky.

Courtney Small of the academic Cinema Axis focused on My Dinner with Andre for May’s Blindspot feature. Delivering a unique insight, drawing on personal experiences and inspirations Courtney narrows his scope to the poignant message lurking beneath Louis Malle’s nuanced social commentary.

Tom of Digital Shortbread rounds out this week’s Attention Readers with a review of Maggie. As Tom rightly points out this “melancholic film misleadingly billed as a thriller” deserves more than a lazy ‘zombie’ label as it exists beyond those wearing tropes. Featuring Arnie in a lead role, without gratuitous explosions and muscle shots, this film greatly appeals and you should definitely be checking out Tom’s review for all the reasons why.

Special mention: Khalid at The Blazing Reel posted a masterful supercut of Quentin Tarantino profile shots. Check it.

That concludes another week of fantastic posts. Be sure to comment with suggestions if you think I missed anything worthy of our attention.

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