Afternoon all, so as I am honouring the embargo on Deadpool reviews until 10th February I cannot say too much but what I can do is say that it is fantastic!

I attended the intimate fan screening at Soho Hotel last night and the whole night was a huge hit, fans loved it, Ryan loved the fans, we got beer and free stuff. Short and sweet, believe me, the review will have a lot more to say about this one.



So until Feb 10 I will have to leave it here. See ya soon ya gorgeous fourth wall breaking mercenary.


17 thoughts on “DEADPOOL: Fan Screening (EMBARGO)

      1. I’m not into superhero movies but this looks like one to go into and just have a laugh. Unfortunately I’ve seen the trailer at cinemas at least four times…. I hope they didn’t use the best jokes for the trailer! I’m also interested in how Reynolds is, I’m on the fence about that dude

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