Settle down kiddies it’s the DEADPOOL – review


12 thoughts on “Settle down kiddies it’s the DEADPOOL – review

  1. I can’t wait to see this. I’m thinking holiday Monday… you know, Family Day… will be a perfect time ;) Good review, James. You cracked me up a few times. I’m expecting to have a Guardians of the Galaxy experience… aka action packed but full of fun.

    As a 90s kid who read Rob Liefield comics during the boom I’m hoping Deadpool leads into an XForce movie. I heard post credits stinger (that wasn’t in critic screenings) has a wink to Cable! Yes. Arnold is the right age to play this dude now.

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          1. Hahah it might sound like it… but first things first. The Cable excitement comes from being a big comic book nerd in the 90s. Cable led the XForce during the introduction of Deadpool. If XForce is next everyone will be happy (The Merc With A Mouth is part of this Squad).

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  2. I saw Deadpool. Tons of fun. Hilarious. A lot more origin story than I expected, which slowed down the masked mayhem. I wanted more Deadpool, but what we got was amazing. I also didn’t expect Colossus to be more than a cameo. I loved all the Easter Eggs too, like Rob Liefeld ones.

    There are many parts worth highlighting, so despite some slightly boring parts, I’d give it 4 out of 5 as well. Great review, James. Some good jokes from yourself too. You get playful with words. I dig it.

    Oh and I loved the post credit Bueller stuff and how he suggests Cable (who’s time travelig origin relates to someone else in XMen universe) and XForce next. That was nerdy nerdy joy joy. I’m thinking our favourite merc can pop up in PG13 Xmen too, with a censor beep, and other heroes wondering who he’s talking to when he adresses the audience ;)

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    1. I thought the whole film was fantastic, certain elements could have been handled with a little more care, I feel Morena Baccarin’s character, Vanessa, could have offered more than a damsel in distress as a finale but perhaps they’re just giving room for her to develop into Copycat. I went to see it again the other day and finally got a chance to see the extended Cable post-credits clip. I’m not too familiar with Cable but from everything I’ve read his partnership with Deadpool is pretty exciting.

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