Ignorance is Bliss or: How I Learned to Appreciate Cinema and Endure the Flop

I was reading an article recently posted on Cinema Sins concerning the state of the action genre, using the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron as a platform from which to launch their argument. As an advocate of original cinema the second installment in The Avengers franchise didn’t get a rave review from me, or anyone for that matter. While I enjoyed the article and agreed with much of what they had to say it was a comment from a stranger that inspired this article. “It is due to CinemaSins that I critique every single movie I watch nowadays, which … Continue reading Ignorance is Bliss or: How I Learned to Appreciate Cinema and Endure the Flop

Opening Scene Opinions

American diner robbery, Pumpkin and Honey Bunny style. A wall of ticking clocks. The gentle tap tap of prison shoes en route to freedom.

I miss the smell of the cinema. Of worn seats and popcorn. I miss the beam of light that cuts effortlessly through the anticipation of a packed auditorium. The onomatopoeic ‘rack’ of the curtain as it’s pulled back and the screen slowly takes form as it’s filled with motion pictures. The first few minutes of a film are a special time. You get a feel for what’s to follow. How I wish I was old enough to appreciate Pulp Fiction in all it’s glory all those years ago when it debuted in 1994. But alas, I was only two years old.

The idea for ‘Opening Scene Opinions’ spawned whilst watching Pulp Fiction. When Pumpkin yells “Everybody be cool this is a robbery!” and the sound of Miserlou kicks in the biggest smile stretches across my face. Continue reading “Opening Scene Opinions”