IsaacsPictureConclusions #boobs

*NA’NSFW’ATIPC* ~ or, Not As ‘Not Safe For Work’ As The IPC ~ I don’t do IPC-esque posts but if I did they wouldn’t be anywhere near as cool as the real deal. Each post delivers a review with a … Continue reading IsaacsPictureConclusions #boobs

Opening Scene Opinions

American diner robbery, Pumpkin and Honey Bunny style. A wall of ticking clocks. The gentle tap tap of prison shoes en route to freedom.

I miss the smell of the cinema. Of worn seats and popcorn. I miss the beam of light that cuts effortlessly through the anticipation of a packed auditorium. The onomatopoeic ‘rack’ of the curtain as it’s pulled back and the screen slowly takes form as it’s filled with motion pictures. The first few minutes of a film are a special time. You get a feel for what’s to follow. How I wish I was old enough to appreciate Pulp Fiction in all it’s glory all those years ago when it debuted in 1994. But alas, I was only two years old.

The idea for ‘Opening Scene Opinions’ spawned whilst watching Pulp Fiction. When Pumpkin yells “Everybody be cool this is a robbery!” and the sound of Miserlou kicks in the biggest smile stretches across my face. Continue reading “Opening Scene Opinions”

Gosling Fest

A friend of mine (James Llewellyn) and I had the great idea to watch three or four Ryan Gosling movies back-to-back. Being a huge Blu-ray collector James kindly offered to provide the films if I could play host for the day. With a few other friends in attendance we agreed to the schedule: Drive, The Place Beyond the Pines, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

I’m not going to sit here and write that this informal mini movie marathon was first and foremost about the films. The idea to watch a bunch of Ryan Gosling movies stemmed from a consensual bromantic infatuation with Gosling on screen. Having said that Gosling’s performances in Drive, The Place Beyond the Pines, and Crazy, Stupid, Love go a lot further than flaunting his pecs and flexing his muscles. He delivers some truly memorable performances, most notably in Drive and manages to tone down his off-screen fame with a touch of humility and humanity.

We agreed as a group that Drive would be the best place to start. With clear heads and lofty expectations of the afternoon’s schedule we sat down and witnessed Nicholas Winding Refn’s masterpiece. Continue reading “Gosling Fest”