Better Call Saul – Hero

                          Hero - Episode 4

Welcome to Better Call Saul: Episode 4 – Hero ‘Special Episodes’ review. Naturally for an episode review spoilers are included so get watching first and then come back!

Treated to a sleepy night in Cicero, Slippin’ Jimmy, or as he refers to himself for the first time, Saul Goodman, is at work playing the evening’s mark. All buttered, boozed, and bantered up Jimmy leads the mark into an alley way where the stumble across and dozing drunk in possession of a round thousand and a Rolex watch. Slippin’ Jimmy at work is a sight to behold and it puts perspective on the opening scene from ‘Nacho‘ (episode 3). Continue reading “Better Call Saul – Hero”

Better Call Saul – Nacho

                        Nacho - Episode 3

‘Nacho’ opens with a brief flashback to a time before. Enter Chuck and Jimmy in a county jail and the mystery surrounding Jimmy’s notorious alias, Slippin’ Jimmy, is teased out. Jimmy enters with the usual brio and bounce but his mood soon shifts when the reality of his situation, potentially being labelled a sex offender, sets in. Begging with Chuck to help him get out of his mess we witness the end of Slippin’ Jimmy’s reign. Continue reading “Better Call Saul – Nacho”

Better Call Saul – Mijo

                          Mijo - Episode 2

After running head on into Tuco’s psychopathic housewife charade Jimmy is confronted with a life or death situation that he most certainly didn’t bargain for when he cooked up his little scheme. With two budding ‘Slippin Jimmy’s’ lying bloodied and hogtied in Tuco’s garage Jimmy, quite literally staring down the barrel of a gun, shows us why he’s the best lawyer in Albuquerque. Continue reading “Better Call Saul – Mijo”

Better Call Saul – Uno

                       Uno - Series Premiere

Flashforward – Opening in classic black and white Gilligan gives us an insight into the life of Saul Goodman post-Heisenberg years. Keeping up a job as a baker for bakery chain Cinnabon in a regular looking American mall. Juxtapose this image with that of Breaking Bad‘s Saul Goodman, bent criminal lawyer with a keen eye for the green Franklin’s, and Gilligan masterfully makes a victim out of Saul. We feel sorry for him in his lonely, fearful life and this opening sets the stage for the creation of that image. We’ve seen the Saul Goodman story. Now it’s the turn of James ‘Jimmy’ M. McGill, criminal at law.
Continue reading “Better Call Saul – Uno”