“Mortgage backed securities, subprime loans, tranches… Pretty confusing right? Does it make you feel bored? Or stupid? Well, it’s supposed to.” – Ryan Gosling as Jared Vennett — A film about the 2007 financial crisis is, naturally, bound by long, … Continue reading CBSC+RGBP+AM=TBS – THE BIG SHORT – review

Ocean’s Eleven

Earlier in the week I participated in Darren’s, of Movie Reviews 101, Opinion Battle Round 4 – Heist Movies. My selection was Ocean’s Eleven and it got me thinking how I hadn’t reviewed it yet. The sequels were nothing to get excited about but the original plays on all Heist sub-genre tropes and it’s glorious. “They might as well call it whitejack!” Steven Soderbergh’s ensemble cast of Hollywood heavy hitters smooth talk their way to the acquisition of $163 million in a daring casino heist with a groovy jazz score for company. In North Jersey State Prison Danny Ocean sits … Continue reading Ocean’s Eleven


I’ve been tinkering with the idea to do a round-up post to give you, the readers, a chance to catch up on anything you might have missed over the last month or so. ‘Month in Stubs’ will predominantly cover cinema viewings but depending on what I’ve been upto it could be a round-up of anything from small screen reviews, articles and/or features. Without further ado I present October’s month in stubs, with two cameo appearances from November. Gone Girl David Fincher’s latest in a long line of critically acclaimed thrillers sees Ben Affleck defending his innocence when his wife, played … Continue reading October-November