Back to the Viewer 2.0

First impressions are important right? I guess you think you’re smart and can see where this is headed right? Well, you’d be wrong. You see this is not actually Back to the Viewer 2.0 but more 3.0. But no-one ever says 3.0 so I lied to get your attention. That just about brings us back around full circle, first impressions.

Now, lying to your readers is a bad way to go about impressing them but this is no meet cute, more of a welcome back so welcome to Back to the Viewer 2.0. It just so happens that as of writing this is officially my 201st published post, by no means MovieRob standards (who edges closer to his 2000th) but we can’t all be like Rob *curses*.

200 Posts

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by my blog and keeps me motivated to continue doing what I love. That’s enough of the mushy stuff! Let’s get back to business.

Reviews in the works, The Fifth Element for MovieRob’s Genre Grandeur, Ferris Bueller‘s Day Off for Drew’s 80s Blogathon, as well as Joy and Ex Machina reviews. I also have a Month in Stubs coming soon as we edge closer and closer to Deadpool season. Stay tuned and before you know it I’ll be celebrating my 300th post.

As always…

~ Happy Viewing and May the Force be with you ~

p.s. We all knew The Great Gatsby was just Leo’s rehearsal come Oscar winning night.


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