HAPPY NEW YEAR – Greatest Blind Spot Films of 2015

Whether you have followed my Blind Spot journey from beginning to end or jsut dipped in and out you’ll know that it has been one heck of a ride.

I’ve seen classics such as It’s A Wonderful Life and Seven Samurai, anime giants Akira and Princess Mononoke. Comedies, dramas, historical biopics, science fiction dystopias and Academy Award contenders.

But at this time of year the common theme uniting movie bloggers, film journalists, print reviewers, and digital publishers is a ‘Best of …’ list covering the years greatest cinematic offerings. I’ll keep my list of five to Twitter so if you want to find out more follow me @j_haseltine but here you will find my favourite films from this years Blind Spot Series.


5 The Grand Budapest Hotel (March)

“Camp, vivacious, effervescent Fiennes swoops around with a contagious air that ensures Wes Anderson’s latest venture rattles along at an intensely enjoyable pace.” – A recent Anderson favourite with unique characters, cottage props and a delectable colour palette. Anderson at his best. ~ Full Review ~

4 Brazil (June)

“Terry Gilliam’s satirical exploration into the madness of bureaucracy sends Jonathan Pryce down the rabbit hole in search of the girl of his dreams whilst battling paper stacks in the bureaucrats ivory tower and air conditioning repair men.” – As mad as Lewis Carroll’s hatter Gilliam’s satire has never been quite so poignant or deliriously captivating. ~ Full Review ~

3 It's A Wonderful Life (December)

“Frank Capra’s Christmas classic is probably the least Christmas, Christmas movie that ever did live. But for it’s good spirited nature, heart warming story and colourful characters It’s A Wonderful Life truly is a wonderfully humbling tale.” – The definitive Christmas classic that continues to warm the hearts generation after generation. ~ Full Review ~

2 Akira (January)


“Kicking off the Blind Spot Series with a bang nothing could have prepared me for Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s anime classic, Akira.” – A simply stunning journey into the boundlessness of imagination. A film that has  stuck with me all year. Fantastic. ~ Full Review ~

1 Magnolia (November)

“Magnolia is without a doubt one of the smartest films I have ever seen. At a challenging 180 minutes it is no easy ride. Set to a scorching pace complemented by the ever shifting, omnipresent soundtrack Magnolia takes the viewer on a ride into love, forgiveness, sin, loneliness, coincidence and chance.” – Heading into the unknown Magnolia truly was, and is, a cinematic marvel to behold. With one of the greatest ensemble performances I have ever seen and intriguing references dotted throughout Magnolia makes for a wholly immersive experience. ~ Full Review ~

 ~ It’s been a pleasure – Happy New Year ~

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