Month in Stubs – October



I LOVE HORROR FILMS! Ha, good joke! I’m too much of a scaredy-cat. But while I hide behind the sofa, others love the month of October: for it’s Halloween connotations and dressing up obligations.

While my blog feed is packed to the rafters with ‘Boobs, Blood and Beasts‘ of various origins I shield my eyes from nightmares and sit comfortably in the presence of early Oscar bait.

"Let's begin."

The Martian

Oh, Matt Damon. Swoon. I saw The Martian twice in one week much to the dismay of my bank account but it was worth every penny. With Promethean creativity Ridley Scott complements Andy Weir’s original source material with the big screen adaptation it deserves. A * * * * Must-see.


The dark horse of Oscar season has arrived. Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro are sublime in Dennis Villeneuve’s earnest tale of muddied immorality. With brutal malevolence and stunning visuals the war on drugs has never felt so visceral. A    * * * Must-see.


Let down. That’s putting it bluntly. But in hindsight I can see the appeal of the return of many Bond tropes. Skyfall made so many unexpected but brilliant and nuanced alterations to the Bond formula I honestly felt Spectre would continue in that vain. But alas, a strange balance between Roger Moore’s camp misogynist and Skyfall‘s endurng legacy made for a somewhat confused and nervous attempt to replay the success of 2012. Only really Worth my Time and a sorry * * *.

If you are sitting there thinking ‘how can this guy give both Sicario and Spectre   * * * when it’s obvious he enjoyed one way more than the other’ then be sure to consult the wise Rating System for I set them apart.

~ May the force be with you ~

15 thoughts on “Month in Stubs – October

  1. I love these Month in Stubs… Martian was an experience. That was intense enough to kinda count as your horror for October ;) thanks for the shout out by the way. I think hehehe.

    I can’t wait to see Sicario. Looks awesome. Deakins cinematography too. Spectre hasn’t released in Canada yet. It sounds like I should lower my expectations there. Did you like latest Mission Impossible more?

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    1. Yeah you’re welcome :) definitely find time to watch Sicario, the cinematography is great and Spectre is a good Bond movie, it’s no Skyfall though. Mission Impossible didn’t try anything drastic and actually built on the previous film so I guess I did enjoy it more yeag

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