What Can We Expect From FARGO Season 2?

~ New faces, new story, same old Minnesota nice ~

UPDATE: Fargo Season 2 will air late October. UK viewers look out for it on Channel 4.

Well hey there sonny. Tie your scarf, pull on those gloves and settle down in front of the heater for the return of Fargo, I’ll put the coco on.


As Film School Rejects reported in a brilliant article back in June, “the typical Coen lead is a flawed man seeking redemption or simply trying to hold what’s left of his life together.”

Fans of the 1996 cult classic namesake had issues with the prospect of a Fargo television series but over the course of the ten episode season their doubts were put aside and replaced by an unrelenting recommendation system through word-of-mouth that put any subscription VoD plaform to shame. I’m looking at you Netflix.

Fortunately Fargo‘s prospects were aided massively by the unerring cast. Martin Freeman fulfilled the role of the flawed man flawlessly with a refreshing take on the Jerry Lundegaard role in Lester Nygaard. But it wasn’t just Freeman who pulled his weight. Billy Bob Thornton shone as off-beat hitman Lorne Malvo and Allison Tolman reprised the role made famous by Frances McDormand. While there were notable similarities with the film, Fargo stood up to the inevitable comparisons and came out stronger than ever. The anticipation of season 2 speaks for itself.

Now season 2 is on the horizon will it fare any better? Ohh, you betchya.

With a stunning cast including Kirsten Dunst, Patrick Wilson and Jesse Plemmons the trademark black comedy is on-point but this time with the added retro feel good factor of sharp getups, 70s tunes and unquivering moustaches. Throw in a couple of afros and signature diners and you’ve got yourself a doozy.

Aside from the accent, adorable puffer jackets and blood soaked snow Fargo endures first and foremost due to excellent writing and mysterious history. It was revealed earlier this year Keith Carradine’s character, Lou Solverson, who limped his way around his coffee shop will be the focus of season 2. Only this time we head back to 1979 and watch the Sioux Falls incident unfold.

Patrick Wilson stars as a young Lou Solverson

This incident sparked considerable specualtion during and since the close of the first season, turning out to be a touch of genius from Noah Hawley, writer of all 20 Fargo episodes.

The background of the Sioux Falls incident was never dealt with in any detail, only cryptic dialogue here and there. This left the viewer to piece bits and bobs together resulting in a highly disjointed image. An image not really made any clearer by the trailer or the teasers, both of which do however give you a great flavour for the black comedy to expect.

Local gangs, cop shootings, major crime syndicates and a heck load of “oh yaah” Fargo returns with a boatload of exciting new features, characters and storylines that take us beyond the bounds of humble Luverne, Minnesota.

If you aren’t familiar with either the film or the FX series then I suggest you get some binge watching in before 12th October. Both are currently available on Netflix so there really is no excuse.

~ Oh yaah, Fargo‘s back alright ~

11 thoughts on “What Can We Expect From FARGO Season 2?

  1. I hate it when I go on links from twitter to WordPress because I’m never signed in and then it freaks out and I can’t leave a comment. I actually read this a while ago (from now) and it’s an awesome review as ever, James!

    I have faith in the new series, the cast is great, as you pointed out :) and they’ve already proven they can do it with series 1! I’m the biggest Fargo fan (the movie I mean) ever and I still loved the series :)

    P.S does anyone else call Martin Freeman “Tim from The Office”? Constantly?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah it was pretty big! It’s my favourite ever TV show :) but I’ve never seen the US version. No offence but I know it’ll suck!

        Ha ha ha, I always call him Tim! Sorry Martin Freeman, no matter how many huge movies you’re in….you’ll always be Tim from The Office to me lol :)

        Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m pretty darn excited for this here show, yaah.

    I will miss billy Bob, he was just fantastic in the first series. And terrifying. But I can’t wait for this to start, in fact I might go through the first season again, its been a fair while. Yaah.

    Liked by 1 person

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