Leonardo DiCaprio Mauled by Bear in Second Trailer for ‘The Revenant’

“I ain’t afraid to die anymore. I’ve done it already”

Hold your horses, stop what you’re doing and sit back down. The second trailer for The Revenant is here and I can’t tear myself away.

Since I first caught wind of the latest Alejandro González Iñárritu project since I’ve been on tenterhooks and needless to say my LWLies Anticipation rates at a staggering 5. This should be no surprise though. Since Birdman I’ve been waiting to see what’s next for the film making masters Iñárritu and Lubezki. The cinematographer that brought you Children of Men and Gravity as well as Birdman returns for The Revenant and the second trailer looks phenomenal.

The first trailer, of which you can catch my thoughts here, was heavily tilted toward the visual prowess of Lubezki. Full of natural lighting and sweeping shots we get a distinct sensory experience set to the beat of an anticipatory drum and breathless DiCaprio.

The second trailer brings us even closer to the action. With a greater focus on dialogue and plot we gain a greater image of how The Revenant will play out come January. It’s fitting that a Brit in Tom Hardy is held responsible for a bodged burial of DiCaprio’s Hugh Glass.

Leonardo DiCaprio traverses the barren and harsh winter in search of revenge and redemption. To bring justice upon those that harmed him and reunite with his son.

Bears maul, guns fire and horses fall as Iñárritu teases the scope of The Revenant and what looks set to be another Oscar contending performance from Leonardo DiCaprio. Here’s hoping we’re not let down come February awards.

the revenant

The Revenant is released January 2016 in the UK and dare I say it, I’m more excited for this than Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

~ Happy Viewing ~

6 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio Mauled by Bear in Second Trailer for ‘The Revenant’

  1. Yeah I really cannot wait to see this one. As I’m not anticipating Episode VII at all, this is in direct competition with Spectre, In the Heart of the Sea, Macbeth and the last Hunger Games installment

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