That Moment In Jackie Brown (1997): Beaumont Bites It (Guest Review)

‘Beaumont Bites It’ in my favourite moment from Jackie Brown. Check out David’s ‘moment’ous site, get it? Ah well, my comic verse just got served a cruel baptism of fire. Serves me right

That Moment

REVIEW: Quentin Tarantino’s seductive moxie, fluid dialogue, and remarkable loyalty to the film making process have made his canon of interweaving stories iconic in the film world. Mention his name to pretty much anyone and if they respond with a vacant look on their face then it’s about time they sat down in front of a little black box and witnessed the movie maestro weave his magic.

Miramax Films Miramax Films

No less important than Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fictionis his finest work, at least in my opinion, Jackie Brown. Now, there are some major differences between his trademark canon and miss Jackie Brown but these should not deter any cinephile worth his salt from checking out Tarantino’s LA based adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s ‘Rum Punch’.

Samuel L. Jackson, as gun-runner Ordell Robbie, puts in one of his finest performances as a regular Tarantino playmate. Robbie has…

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4 thoughts on “That Moment In Jackie Brown (1997): Beaumont Bites It (Guest Review)

  1. Thanks for this, James. Great review and a great movie. A little under-appreciated by many, this movie really deserves this kind of attention. Tarantino is a master at direction and this moment is a great example.

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