Writing on the Wall for SPECTRE

Earlier today it was announced that Sam Smith would be singing the latest Bond theme for the upcoming Spectre set for an October 26 UK release. While my opinion on this matter is somewhat sceptical (I’ve never been a fan of Sam Smith, there I said it) my real concern is that the theme song is to be released before the film.

I don’t remember if the same was done for Adele’s Skyfall, mainly because I wasn’t in the country to soak up all the hype, but while I understand the publicity boost it will provide, leveraging the stardom of one of the UK’s biggest recent stars, I think it is a bad move.

Much has been said recently about studio decisions to reveal major plot points in trailers for upcoming releases. Given Arnold Schwarzenegger’s track record for promoting his own films and selling them on a global scale you would have thought he would have had something to say about the trailer for Terminator Genisys which gave away one of the biggest plot points of the film. Practically ruining any sense of discovery for the viewer this reveal took something away from the film rather than adding to it.

In the same vein I fear that Eon, in there bid to hype the release of Spectre even more, will take something away from the viewing experience by revealing the sound and tone of the opening theme music. The Bond franchise survives because it thrives on its unique trademarks. Bond girls, catchphrases, fast cars, and a mysterious opening theme.

Skyfall is one of the greatest additions to the Bond franchise and Adele’s stunning vocals matched the overall tone that Sam Mendes was shooting for. Eerie, mysterious and moody Adele’s brooding lyrics hightened something within us all that said, “this is no ordinary Bond film.”

If Sam Smith’s track is released today as planned then I will not be listening to it. No matter how many times it is played on Radio 1 to the millions of fangirl ears, spewed all over the internet, or trolled relentlessly on Youtube I shall refrain from ruining the opening theme. That will wait until I’m sitting in the cinema, anticipation at boiling point and earplugs at the ready, just in case.

Hopefully I’m proven wrong, I’d hate my anticipation to be scuppered after the tantalising trailers.


24 thoughts on “Writing on the Wall for SPECTRE

  1. I don’t like Sam Smith either! There I said it too :) well…I mean I don’t like dislike the guy I just don’t like his music. I am SO hideously uncool though, I only found out last night that Rihanna sings that “we found love in a hopeless place” song. Which I hate.

    Anyway!!! Nice post James :) I agree that it’s a mistake releasing the song before the movie is out – the song should have BIG impact when heard – for the first time – within the movie.

    It’s like when people read scripts before watching the film, why do it? I’d rather my first viewing of something was an entirely new experience. I barely even watch trailers for that reason!

    I really thought it might be Radiohead (singing the new Bond song) after that bloke put on the ridiculous bet in Ladbrokes and everyone went crazy!

    So who would you like to see as the next Bond?



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  2. Eh, I wouldn’t worry one bit about it. A good film (Bond or otherwise) can outlive a (good or bad) theme song reveal and while I’ve liked all the Craig films, I’ve never liked the song choices in them much. The days of Bassey, Jones and other talents belting out instant hits is long dead. Of course, this is from a person who despises the over-use of modern music in many films because it just sounds SO out of place. A genre flick with misplaced hip-hop or some wailing love song targeted to be a “hit” gets my ass running out while the credits are rolling.

    Also, in 1973 “Live and Let Die” dropped into record stores and on the radio about a week before that film was released. I recall hearing it an immediately wanting to see the film it was attached to. Of course, the lyrics don’t tell anything about the plot at all (and if I’m not mistaken, McCartney read the novel). I doubt whomever wrote this Smith song did anything other than see some clips and maybe get some inspiration from the old Bond themes.

    But we shall see. I have a frozen crow all set to defrost, cook and stuff in a pie if I’m wrong.

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    1. Well I’ll hold you to that! From the trailers the film looks like a corker and like you say I’d be surprised if the film doesn’t surpass what my cynical self believes to be a wishy washy pop hit that fails to add anything special to the latest Bond installment. Hopefully I’m wrong, I’d hate my experience to be tainted by a mediocre theme song. However, from memory the Quantum of Solace theme tune was pretty whack and likewise the film so let’s hope a repeat is not on the cards.


      1. Yeah, Quantum was weird and all (that final third is just… jarring), being that it was put together in such an odd manner (and that Writer’s strike didn’t help much). But I gave it a thumbs up (barely) because of the painful-looking fights and it being followed up by a better film that didn’t dwell on this one’s flaws.

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  3. Nice bit of news here James, I hadn’t heard about the Sam Smith addition (I don’t know much about him so I can’t say either way how I feel about it), nor about the decision to prematurely release the song. I can’t say I’m a fan of it. You said it best: it’ll leak some of the mystique of the film before we’re even in the seats to watch the film proper. I really am getting annoyed at all this supreme-hype b.s. These are the reasons we can’t have nice things. :P

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