How well do you know Arnold Schwarzenegger? – Quote Quiz

“It’s showtime.”

Pull out your banjo and settle down for a fun ten minutes with Arnold. What a cutie pie.

Have you ever found yourself wondering what Zayn Malik hairstyle you are based on your Zodiac sign? Or what kind of bear is the best bear? Are you more Aladdin or Jafar? Or are you just in dire need of a Harry Potter quote to cheer you up?

Well thankfully Buzzfeed has all the answers and more. Buzzfeed is the best source of reliable information the internet has to offer and quite frankly dearies I’m surprised you haven’t consulted it’s fountain of knowledge more often.

Wading for hours through poop driven click bait patrons of Buzzfeed are often criticsed for having too much time on their hands. Suggesting in no uncertain terms that they put their time to better use.

But every so often a quiz pops up that does more than inspire a quick share on Facebook followed by the boastful claim that said person scored 100% on the ‘How well do you know Kim Kardashian’s bum?’ quiz.

One such quiz that went beyond it’s call of duty (read: sending people in their droves to get lost in Buzzfeed’s labyrinth of addictive quizzes) whilst providing a whole two minutes of entertainment is:

‘Can you name the Schwarzenegger Film from the Schwarzenegger face?’

I was slightly concerned given my unhealthy infatuation with the Austrian Oak that I only managed a pitiful 15/17. But after it’s obligatory Facebook share from a dear fellow Arnie admirer something magical happened. A stranger, to me at least, planted this dangerous seed:

“They need a quiz like this but with soundbites of him making Schwarzegargles in different films”

After hours of mind-numbing Schwarzegargles, multiple hysterics, muscle flexing and contorted faces I had every intention of following this dream. But after much consideration it dawned on me that every Schwarzegargle sounds exactly the same. So I changed it ever so slightly. Without further ado I present:

Can you name the Schwarzenegger film from the Schwarzenegger quote?

“No problemo” I hear you cry well let’s just see how well you really do. All you have to do is match the quote with the film, easy.

For all those Arnie buffs out there that scored the full 12/12 I have one last question. What killed the dinosaurs?

~ Happy Viewing ~

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