My first FilmDoo review!


By James Haseltine

Directed by Raoul Peck

Acclaimed Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck delivers a justifiably bitter exposé on the complexities of international humanitarian aid in response to the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake in the hard-hitting documentary, Fatal Assistance.

Peck drives home a powerful damnation of Western post-disaster idealism that enlivens an air of lament and disappointment over what could have been if things had been done differently. Utilising a narrative device that presents the views of two onlookers who emit a personal attachment to the often challenging and controversial redevelopment programme, Peck takes the viewer on an insightful journey analysing the unecessarily convoluted multifaceted imposition of foreign intervention.

Joséus Nader, an engineer working for Haiti’s Ministry of Public Works describes his movements on January 12th 2010 in the opening moments. Opening with a strong, rooted character with personal attachment sets the tone for the remainder of the film and gives…

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  1. Great review James, sure sounds like an intriguing doco, and congrats on your first doco review for FilmDoo, good stuff.

    Wanted to thank you for the nomination for the blog award, hadn’t seen it till today! Thanks again 👍

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  2. Congrats on first FilmDoo review! Great stuff. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for this one. Nothing beats a great documentary story. Your review is really well written too. As a copy editor, I come across tons of.. let’s say… not as good writers. I’m nerdy, so I actually really appreciate good prose ;) I’m looking forward to your next FilmDoo review.

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