Attention Readers – Take 11

~ Attention Readers – Take 11 ~

Taking a well-deserved break from the tumultuous Shitfest Summer 2015 Eric laid down some big news. The IPC in collaboration with Luke of Oracle of Film has been working on a screenplay for their devilish silver screen love child, a film that promises to raise all sorts of hell, ha, get it? Raising Hell meet your makers. With this brief but enlightening post Isaacs highlights his master plan, calling all creative sorts to the stage in an effort to make this dream a reality. Perhaps a rally cry is in order, maybe I could be head of marketing? How about that for an idea Eric, I’m useless with pretty much everything else. Hit up the Raising Hell link to see what it’s all about.

Another collaboration but this time we have the amiable David of That Moment In writing a guest post for the conflicting Daniels of A Tale of Two Dans. Reviewing the little known Norwegian flick Troll Hunter David puts forward an uncompromising four star review for this indie monster picture. Three reasons to check out this post: 1) A Tale of Two Dans is an awesome blog, 2) David’s writing is on point as ever, and 3) Troll Hunter is a whole lotta fun that is well worth a viewing.

The final collaboration in this week’s Attention Readers comes from Zoë of the original The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger and Drew of Drew’s Movie Reviews. Contributing to Zoë’s marvelous ‘Sporadic Scene’ feature Drew draws on one of my favourite Bill Murray scenes in his eclectic filmography. Cue the Stripes graduation scene. You can find the BTTV review here if you fancy.

That concludes Take 11 of Attention Readers. Let me know if there are any great posts that I have missed out on in the comments below.

Happy Viewing

26 thoughts on “Attention Readers – Take 11

      1. I’m for real. You seem motivated and outgoing. There’s a lot of us who hope these guys make this happen. Either way, James, really appreciate your support of my writing.

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    1. Screenplay?! Horror movie?! IPC?! If you want a read and some feedback let me know. Long time writer here. I’ve given lengthy notes on other unproduced scripts many times before. While I like cinema, I also like bmovies. You can even DM me on Twitter if you like @slipthroughnerd

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Just read up on movie. I’m excited for you! I want more movies from passionate filmmakers.

          I’m in Canada so all I can offer is script services. If you are filming but still want some feedback let me know.

          Good luck man. I hope you write about your experiences on set. Your own story is already really inspiring.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out and nice words James… from the other half of Two Dans.

    We’d love to have you guest review sometime. Any movie. No rules. You could even highlight another Norwegian flick like David from That Moment In. ;) Jokes. Unless you’ve got big love for Dead Snow or something. Hahaha,

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    1. You’re welcome! Cool man I’d love to, I’m working on a few things at the moment but I’ve been looking for a good reason to rewatch Headhunters so that sounds like a cool idea, I’ll let you know what I come up with :)

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