The Revenant – Trailer

the revenant

Comic-Con has dominated the air waves recently. Trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the hugely anticipated trailer for Suicide Squad and a smattering of television news, including the return of Rick and Morty in their second outing on Adult Swim.

Despite these heavy hitters lapping up the internet’s drooling appreciation, anticipation and scepticism those days are over, for now. This afternoon I turn my attention to Alejandro González Iñárritu‘s latest outing, The Revenant.

Whether you love Will Ferrell, idolise Chaplin, marvel at Fritz Lang or consider Miss Congeniality a masterpiece Iñárritu is a name you should be familiar with. No? Okay, try Birdman.

Considered an outstanding feat of modern film making unrivalled at the 2015 Academy Awards despite strong competition from Whiplash and The Grand Budapest Hotel, Birdman is undeniably a modern classic. It comes with its slightly pretentious baggage and thus its antagonisers but those sympathetic to Iñárritu‘s brilliance will be on the edge of their seats as I reveal the first trailer for the hotly pegged 2016 Oscar contender, The Revenant.

Leonardo DiCaprio helms Iñárritu‘s ambitious period piece on the historical tale of frontiersman Hugh Glass. Left for dead by his disloyal cohorts to fend for himself in a grand but grizzly landscape of the far reaching American frontier Glass embodies the revenant spirit as he vies for justice in an uncompromising wilderness.

Embarking on this adventure with Emmanuel Lubezki as chief cinematographer no moss covered stone will remain unturned as we’re promised to stunning, all encompassing visuals that bring a distant past and harrowing true story of survival and revenge to the big screen.

Will DiCaprio’s scorching return prove as breathtaking as the trailer? Will it earn him that all elusive Academy recognition?

Watch this space – Happy Viewing


17 thoughts on “The Revenant – Trailer

  1. Great article. Can’t wait for this one. I’m a long time fan of 3 Amigos: Innaritu, Cauron, del Toro. Revenant looks amazing. Emphasis on “looks”. You’re so right about the cinematography. My fav shot is aimed at Leo on horseback, galloping, tracking alongside, a charge of horses in the background under natural lighting. Innovative and beautiful.

    Oscar buzz 2 cents: DiCaprio’s best performance is Basketball Diaries (with young Mark Wahlberg). But so many great performances to pick, Romeo, Gilbert Grape, Wolf of Wall Street…

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        1. Bold call, I’ll definitely have to check it out now! I think Catch Me If You Can is great, not best performance I think Shutter Island wins that one. But The Revenant looks outstanding


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