Attention Readers – Take 9

~ Attention Readers – Take 9 ~

Welcome to the ninth installment of ‘Attention Readers’, a chance for me to give back to the blogging community and recommend some fantastic work from brilliant writers across the blogosphere. Celebrating great writing, inspirational subjects, amusing anecdotes and irreverent wit from a bunch of talented individuals who converse through wonderful wordplay and shared appreciation.

First I’d like to give a huge shout to Tom of Digital Shortbread who just last week surpassed the four year mark on his journey through the weird and wacky world of cinema. Tom’s dedication and passion for writing consistently shines through in his ability to inform, amuse, and entertain and it serves as inspiration to us all. Onwards indeed, long live ‘Film reviews with a bite’.

Secondly, Shitfest Summer 2015 celebrated the traditional Opening Ceremony last week. When I started blogging way back in August 2014 I started to browse the interwebs and WordPress ‘Recommends’ for like-minded individuals to share my passion of film with. It turns out there are thousands, but there was a consistency amongst a select few. Not only did they share an unequivocal love for film but the majority also took part in this thing called ‘Shitfest’. I was intrigued by this brash festival of shit that I even took to Google to see if it could shed some light on the matter. But, to no avail. It was when I stumbled across The IPC that I realised I was in over my head with this whole blogging thing, there were boobs everywhere. But there was also an incredible buzz around the site, words of appreciation, of support, of friendship, something I never thought I’d find when I sat down at my computer and made a WordPress account. With my first ‘Shitfest’ entry hitting your screens in the very near future I’d like to thank Eric for making me feel welcome and a very special thank you to all those that I converse with on a daily basis about movies, trailers, news and nutella.

Now on to the ‘Hard’ stuff…

Hard Ticket to Home Video shows no bounds in its ability to bring you the best in recent cutting edge journalism. Brian’s comic approach always manages to bring a smile to my face and his recent announcement that Jaden Smith’s Idiotic Twitter Ramblings are returning to the world was no exception.

"What Is The Definition Of "Light"?
"I'm Glad That Our Distance Makes Us 
Witness Ourselves From A Different Entrance."

~ For an extensive list of capitalised philosophical poetry follow the link. ~

Now for one of my favourite entries into David’s annals of cinematic moments. The glorious That Moment In celebrates the boundless search for iconic, bewildering, touching and amusing moments in cinema. Blade Runner has some truly memorable moments that deserve our attention and in David’s first ever post he highlights one particular moment that defines the philosophical intricacies of Ridley Scott’s “sci-fi magnum opus.”

I recently discovered a beautifully refreshing and honest little thing called Blogging Life is Rubbish. Thankfully, it’s clear from her style and passion that Holly can’t truly abide by this statement and here is a little gem I’d like to share with you all titled, ‘Gender matters everywhere in the world’. If the following opening sentence doesn’t grab your attention then I’ll dig a Tom, Dick and Harry and bury any future recommendations.

“Everyone shout the word ‘slut’” so we did. 
“Shout the word ‘bitch’” so we did. 
“Now everyone stand up and shout ‘I am a feminist’” no one did.

Lastly, Michael of the inspiring Friendly Neighborhood Filmmaking has delved into the wealth of marvelous independent filmmaking and shone a Spotlight on Shorts, specifically Truth in Journalism. A revealing little number that chronicles the life of Eddie Brock and his attempt to rebuild his reputation after he is fired from the ‘Daily Bugle’. A cool piece that adds a gritty atmosphere to Brock’s character after the sheer lack of satisfactory character development in Spider-Man 3. Head over to Friendly Neighborhood Filmmaking for quality insights into the artful intricacies of independent filmmaking.

Happy Viewing

28 thoughts on “Attention Readers – Take 9

  1. Cheers James!! Much obliged for the recognition over here! And thanks for another great community piece, there’s a lot to digest here. I can’t believe I’ve been out of the Shitfest loop this year. Damn.

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  2. Hey James, thanks for the link. Kind words, my friends. And some amazing writers to be included with. I love me some Blade Runner. And love me some Back to the Viewer. Write on, brother.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Indeed, I love reading about movies in different styles, and some other stuff too… I’m thinking of including music and videogames on my site… not sure on that yet. I do want to do some sorta community post tho. The community here has honestly helped me so much with self confidence etc. Back in January I didn’t make a single post! Now the words are finally just coming to me, there’s no more anxiety about it… well not as much. I never thought I’d meet so many cool and nice people!!

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        1. I’ve wondered about music and video games too. I have an ‘articles’ page where I put anything that isn’t a film review which keeps a lot of options open, you could try something like that? The community posts are great as you say they bring a lot of people together and expose different blogs to different people. I’m with you, so many cool folks out there

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          1. Yeah man, now its decided, I’m gonna make a post like this cos the community around here is what gave me my confidence in my own writing back, which naturally was huge.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. haha! ideas often come to me in the shower, which is a bitch as my memory is terrible and I forget the idea before I get a chance to record it or write it down. I carry a notebook with me everywhere for that reason.

            I’ve already started it, though I’ll probably look at yours to see how you formatted it etc

            Liked by 1 person

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