My recent ‘Nightcrawler’ Steelbook Blu-ray purchase inspired a shamless reblog.

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"I'm focusing on framing."

Jake Gyllenhall gives a career consolidating performance as introvert Louis Bloom, a thief, a loner, an entrepreneur. Set in Los Angeles we are exposed to a very real contemporary America, living in the fast lane of the digital age where morals take a back seat on the ride to the top. Dan Gilroy of previous writing credit for TheBourne Legacy presents his directorial debut Nightcrawler, a story about Lou, his dreams, aspirations, and ability to adapt and learn quickly in an industry that is just as fast and just as demanding as Lou’s own goals. Referred to as ‘stringers’ or ‘nightcrawlers’ throughout the film Lou pursues the life of an L.A. crime journalist who records and sells footage of night crime, or anything that bleeds. Afterall, “if it bleeds, it leads.”

Louis Bloom is immediately identifiable as a passionate, determined, and ambitious individual, but…

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