Stepping off my return easyJet flight from the sunny Mediterranean I could have done with Oh Dae-Su’s snowy coat. But I was more concerned with the amount of catching up I’d have to do when I turned my laptop on after ten days. WordPress doesn’t sleep.

Now that I’m back I thought I’d share the greatest YouTube video of all time with you as it marks my return from holiday. This week I’ll be working furiously to catch up on all those marvellous posts I missed out on as well as my Shitfest Summer 2015 entry, a couple of blogathon entries and my Blind Spot for this month, Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.

Here’s to the week ahead *clinks pint of Ribena on the laptop*

Happy Viewing


16 thoughts on “I’M BACK

  1. Hurrah!!!! Welcome back James :) yeah the weather has been rather gloomy.

    Literally can’t wait for your Shitfest entry and Brazil review (I didn’t think I’d like Brazil that much but I do!)

    I love Ribena!!!! Strawberry is the best but blackcurrant lovely too :)

    Great vid!! I’ll be back.

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    1. All this gloom and doom eh! Haha it’s coming along but still a way off where I’d like it to be. As for Brazil I think I’m going to struggle to squeeze it in at this rate. I told a little porky when I said ribena, it was really just blackcurrant high juice from Saintsbury’s but I do love it so

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      1. Blackcurrant high juice from Sainsbury’s?!! That’s not Ribena – HUFF PUFF! (that’s the sound of me sulking)

        I might try it….

        I’m sick of getting up for work and it being dark and cloudy I must admit. Er hello, it’s June!!!! Almost effing July.

        Anyway :)

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