Attention Readers – Take 6

~ Attention Readers – Take 6 ~

For the last couple of weeks Mark of Three Rows Back and Tom of Digital Shortbread have put together the first of no doubt many Decades Blogathons dedicated to films released in the fifth year of each decade since the turn of the 20th Century. They both deserve a special mention this week for their continued enthusiasm and passion for the project as well as for film and bloggers alike. Thanks fellas it’s been a pleasure taking part. Simply follow the links above to check out the magnificent selection of films that have been reviewed so far. You can find my review of ‘A Night at the Opera‘ here.

On with this week’s posts that may have escaped your attention:

Birdman has been around for what seems like an age but new reviews continue to catch my eye because there are so many intricate interpretations that can be picked up on. The inimitable Oracle of Film has put together a BiRDMAN: Review worthy of your attention above that of the gratuitously verbose broadsheet critic.

If you haven’t already heard of the brilliant Cardboard Box Office you seriously need to check it out. Starring Lilly, Leon and Orson they collect domestic household junk and turn it into our favourite scenes from our favourite films with an adorable dollup of whimsy to boot. Check out their latest project, Dad Max: The Old Worrier for a taste.

The Epileptic Moondancer that just loves to dance deserves the final shout because of his brave attempt to review Gaspar Noé’s Enter the Void. Jordan’s experience, rather than a critique of Noé’s unsettling DMT filled trip is filled with incorruptible honesty that causes a bizarre urge to rewatch the two hour psychadelic flick. If you haven’t seen Enter the Void or read any of Jordan’s stuff then I suggest you do both.

Happy Viewing folks!

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