Attention Readers – Take 5

Attention Readers has been away for a couple of weeks but is back with a vengeance this week with some great posts for you guys to check out.

What’s worth your attention this week?:

S.G. of ‘Rhyme and Reason‘ where “Poetry meets film reviews” adds a fresh take to reviewing with original and witty rhymes to introduce each post. I couldn’t help but notice The Shining had an outing last week and featured another marvelous review with a cracking poem to boot. Go have a butcher’s.

Film Grimoire‘ is an exceptionally versatile and varied blog that allows the reader to experience films vicariously through Anna’s vivid writing that is never verbose or unjustly vilifying. One of my favourite posts to hit the ‘Reader’ this week was Anna’s vibrant selection of Three Short Films, featuring an excellent outing of Wes Anderson’s Castello Cavalcanti.

Lastly we have a review of What We Do in the Shadows from Carly of Carly Hearts Movies. Carly quite rightly points out that despite the success (on the festival circuit last year) of the Flight of the Conchords-esk vampire mockumentary, with Jemaine Clement leading the way, it hasn’t gained as much recognition as it deserves with the public audience. Visit Carly’s review for all the reasons why you should add this to your ‘To Watch List’.

Until next time, Happy Viewing

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