Attention Readers – Take 4

Welcome back viewers for another installment of Attention Readers, my initiative of giving back to the blogging community by complementing and commending fellow bloggers for their hard work, originality, and excellent writing.

Pay close attention to these few posts that might have passed you by:

Kelly Konda kills it again with an inspirational article on Gender Equality in Hollywood. Always able to make his writing relatable and current Kelly draws on the recent release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron to critique the ‘ongoing struggle’ of female under-representation in film.

Movierob took my Genre Grandeur choice for this month, Dystopian Movies, and in his Genre Guesstimation sat down for a viewing of Richard Linklater’s zany animated adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s ‘A Scanner Darkly.’ Check out his review of A Scanner Darkly but be sure to bring your abstract hats, it’s going to be an interesting ride.

Finally, CinemaClown has written a beautiful piece on Pixar’s Up. From the colourful summary, to the spot-on analysis and recommendation this review makes for a great read and is well worth checking out. But be warned, it will make you want to watch Up all over again.

Happy Viewing

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