Attention Readers – Take 3

Week 3: 13.04.2015 - 19.04.2015

This week saw the return of the Great Villain Blogathon hosted by Speakeasy, Silver Screenings, and Shadows and Satin and the movie blogging world took to the dark side to share their views on cinema’s villainy and the characters we love to hate.

Hidden amongst the dark flurry of enthusiastic tap, tap, tapping lay the odd gem that you may have missed during your days of treacherous scheming.

The villains have had their time to shine this week, let’s pass over to some blogging heroes worth your attention:

Cameron Williams wrote this magnificent analysis of Quentin Tarantino’s montage sequence entitled ‘Chapter Five: Revenge of the Giant Face,’ the fifth chapter in his WW2 antihistory war drama Inglourious Basterds. The Art of the Montage: Inglourious Basterds.’ Cameron writes at Popcorn Junkie as well co-founding and contributing to Graffiti with Punctuation.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been one of many talking points this week in the world of geekery. Alongside Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens and its long lost cousin Star Wars Battlefront the DC franchise seeks to up its game and finally challenge Marvel in the big leagues. Movieguy44 of Movie Hits and Misses gives the Batman v Superman trailer a critical reception that’s worth a read if you also doubt DC can live up to the Avengers’ gauntlet.

As I mentioned above the world of geekery was hit with smorgasbord of delectable treats this week and the Netflix television adaptation of Daredevil just adds to the hype. Alright you got me, the first episode aired April 10th but Tom, of Oracle of Film, posted his season one round-up last week and it’s a corker. If you’re debating your next television binge, and you have Netflix then Tom makes your choice fairly straight forward.

That’s all folks, as always keep up the good work and I’ll be back same time next week to bring you another list of posts worth your attention.

Happy Viewing

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