Attention Readers – Take 2

Week 2: 06.04.2015 - 12.04.2015

First things first I hate to make excuses but my severe lack of blogging activity this week goes down to a hugely inconvenient internet malfunction that has put me out of action since Tuesday.

My Better Call Saul Finale round-up, that I’ve been looking forward to all season has been postponed until tomorrow evening, so apologies for that. I’ve also struggled to keep up with this week’s excellent selection of posts for your attention. However, in what has been an enjoyable couple of hours I’ve trawled my WordPress reader and come up with three posts that I’m eager to share with you guys, so sit back, relax, and, well you know the rest.

Wow! My impulsive, post-shower feature ‘Attention Readers‘ went down a storm and I appreciate every single one of you that took the time to see what was going on in the world of ‘Back to the Viewer.’

To keep things rolling please find my choices for this week that deserve your attention:

Kelly Konda of ‘We Minored in Film‘ wrote a fantastic article this week concerning Hollywood’s diversity problem in relation to the release of Furious 7. In what makes for a fascinating read, including links to various other articles for further reading Kelly hits the nail square on the head. Find the full article here.

I was recently attracted to a new blog, ‘Sweet Archive‘ run by Reut for her IPC dedicated post on the girls from Death Proof. Being a Tarantino, boob, bum, and blogging fan myself I had to go check it out and you’ll be glad you did to. I’ll be writing my own review of Tarantino’s Grindhouse contribution once I finish both installments of Kill Bill so keep an eye out. But for now it’s over to Reut for her thoughts on the ladies from Death Proof.

My last choice this week comes from Eddie of ‘Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys).’ Eddie has compiled a llist of Denzel Washington’s Top 10 Films. Denzel’s filmography is extensive, varied, divisive, but ultimately memorable for a few stand out performances. Reminisce as Eddie rounds up 10 outstanding films that feature Denzel either at the helm or in a more reserved role we’re less used to seeing these days. Take it away Eddie…

Happy Viewing

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    Sweet James Back to the Viewer was kind enough to include me in his weekly’s suggestions, and I’m so honored that he did. Here’s to James the Tarantino, boob, bum, and blogging fan. Thank you!!!!!

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