Attention Readers

                  Week 1: 30.03.2015 - 05.04.2015

Here’s a little something I cooked up during my morning shower.

During my underarm scrub I was thinking about how all the blogs I follow have great features, running series, and community posts that bring everyone together and I have nothing of the sort. Rinsing off the soapy suds I set about rectifying this void.

I read a lot of great stuff these days, the majority of it gets noticed but there are still a few gems that stand out to me that deserve a little more recognition. I want to give back to the blogging community and this is my way of doing so. Each week I’ll pick three of my favourite posts from the last week that amused me, intrigued me, inspired me, or plain and simple, had excellent writing that just has to be read.

Readers here are this week’s posts that deserve your attention:

Steven (He Who is Critical of Film & TV) of Past, Present, Future in TV and Film reignited my interest in Alex Garland’s latest project, Ex Machina. Infuriated with the amount of quality cinema released towards the end of 2014 and early 2015 bucking the January trend the release of Ex Machina passed me by. Steven’s ‘At First Glance’ post reminded me why I was so interested in seeing this movie all that time ago way back in September 2014. Feast your eyes readers, over to you Steven – Ex Machina.

Usually one to avoid reading reviews of films I haven’t seen, especially films currently in the cinema, I was surprised with myself when I clicked on Tom’s Furious 7 post over at Digital Shortbread. Being a huge fan of the Fast and Furious franchise I just had to give this one a read. It’s sincere, if a little poignant, but excellently sums up the tragic loss of Paul Walker and his role and passion in making the franchise what it is today. Check out what Tom has to say whether you’ve seen it or not – Furious 7.

Fairly new to the blogging game I only recently stumbled across the Oracle of Film a fantastic blog run by Luke, and Ruby his feline cohort. The ‘WordPress clan’ as he aptly puts it is a tight knit group of like-minded cinephiles that share a stunning sense of humour and his sixth ‘Drunk Quiz’ evidences this perfectly. With 15 movie questions posed to Luke by Vinnieh, his attempt at answering them all involves Carlsberg, his poison of choice, and poison it is, a wide variety of questions, deadpan appearances from Ruby, and a sweet rendition of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’ that steals the show in this 11 minute video. Take it away Luke and Liam – Drunk Quiz 6 (Vinneh Edition).

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did and come back for next week’s round-up of my favourite posts.

Happy Viewing

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