Spectre – Teaser Trailer

           "You're a kite dancing in a hurricane Mr. Bond."

James Bond’s silver screen longevity is more than just a legacy of sweet talking womanising, silenced Walther PPK’s, tuxedos, and gadgets. Take Bond’s origins back to their original source and we end at Ian Fleming’s humble abode, Goldeneye, the inspiration for Pierce Brosnan’s establishing picture as Bond, James Bond.

Fast forward to 2012 and Sam Mendes revived the Bond franchise after Quantum of Solace tainted the lasting impression of Casino Royale. Skyfall was Daniel Craig’s third appearance as Bond and depsite the shortcomings of Solace he’s become a firm fan favourite.

Last night the teaser trailer for Mendes’ second, and Craig’s fourth installment in the ever popular Bond franchise was launched and it picks up where Skyfall left off.

Spectre has featured in almost every Bond film since the first serious adaptation way back in 1962 with Dr. No but no film has ever made it central to the plot, only ever using it as a means to frame the villain. Until now.

Spectre is adapted from Fleming’s SMERSH, which in turn is based on the factual Soviet organisation by the same name. Created as a means to fetter out German espionage movements in the Red Army SMERSH operated from 1943-1946. Fleming adapted SMERSH into his novels as a large counterintelligence agency. Adapted further for the big screen and altered to SPECTRE Bond has had his fair share of run-ins with SPECTRE operatives in Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice and many more.

A while back Christoph Waltz was announced as the newest Bond villain to join the roster taking a seat at the villainous table alongside Goldfinger, Ernst Blofeld, and Alec Trevelyan amongst other famous Bond villains.

Opening on the defaced MI6 Headquarters, the fallout from Skyfall is still evident on the surface but also internally. After forensics release personal effects salvaged from the fire at Skyfall, Moneypenny reveals that Bond has a secret. We know that Bond is an orphan but the trailer hints at the prospect of a potential guardian. Assuming Bond is the smaller of the two full figures in the photo below we’re led to assume the voiceover that breaks in belongs to the older gentleman that we see moments later, Bond’s temporary guardian perhaps? But what about the third, the burnt out figure?


As the drama turns to a lonely Bond on an open lake resting at the feet of surrounding mountains we get the impression that the latest installment in the Bond franchise will put Bond up against seemingly insurmountable challenges, a completely self-motivated mission under the guise of an MI6 operation to bring down the eponymous yet elusively anonymous SPECTRE.

Throwback to the early Bond trailers and everything seems colourfully tongue-in-cheek, labelled ‘Thrillers’ it’s difficult to take them seriously. But since the sincerely dramatic Skyfall trailer backed by the impressive opening soundtrack from Adele it’s clear the old school Bond days are over and a new generation of Bond lovers will be crafted by Mendes’ ambitious vision. The trailer for Spectre adds to this new direction magnificently.

Following Bond into a grand dining hall, suspicious patrons deck the balconies like a cult ritual set eerily to a kindergarten triangle. The whole scene comes together perfectly as Christoph Waltz welcomes Bond like an old friend in a sinister tone that cranks the anticipation levels up significantly. Ever purposeful in his direction it’s no accident Mendes shadowed Waltz’ face, subtly alluding to the burnt picture earlier in the trailer.

Previous Bond films failed to acknowledge the potential of developing Bond’s origins but Mendes has tapped into something that will keep viewers on the edge of their seat right up until the closing credits.

Bond may like his Martini’s shaken but my anticipation for the twenty fourth Bond film has been stirred profusely. Initial release date set for November 6th it will be a long but worthwhile wait. Stay tuned for more Spectre trailers as they’re released.

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