Blind Spot Series 2015 – recap

Being in Austria has its perks. What it doesn’t have is an English cinema. My plans to make the ‘Month in Stubs’ feature a recurring element of my blog were duly scuppered by early December of last year.

However, a new challenge was thrown my way when I caught wind of a peculiarly titled blogging challenge known as the ‘Blind Spot Series.’ Coming up with a list of twelve titles that I have never seen before wasn’t too difficult, after all nobody has seen everything, but coming up with twelve titles that I’ve always wanted to see was particularly tough for a similar reason, nobody has the time to see everything. Shunting my apathy aside I knuckled down and came up with a list I am excited to finish come December.

Here’s a quick recap of the titles viewed for January, February, and March.

January – Akira


Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s definitive anime classic set the bar high from the off with his dystopian cyber-punk vision. Testing the viewer with a combination of hyperviolence and philosophical undercurrent Akira entertains from start to finish worthy of * * * * .

February – Natural Born Killers

I was wrong to think Akira was going to be the most challenging viewing experience to make my Blind Spot Series. Oliver Stone’s equally hyperviolent direction of a Quentin Tarantino script baffled my understanding of what I thought cinema was or could be. Prepare to be blown away * * * * .

March – The Grand Budapest Hotel

grand budapestRounding off this recap with March’s installment from Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a welcome addition to the Anderson filmography. Expanding his already established repertoire with an enchanting story with Ralph Fiennes delivering his finest performance to date The Grand Budapest Hotel promises great things from Anderson in the future * * * * * .

Stay tuned for Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai in April.

~ Happy Viewing ~


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