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We’ve all heard that humans only use about 10% of the brain. So it takes a brilliant mind to imagine what 100% use of the brain’s capacity would look like, or even 20% for that matter. It takes an interesting mind to come up with an answer to humanity and the meaning of life. But it takes an artist to turn it into a film. Enter Lucy, enter Luc Besson.

I have to admit that I thought Lucy would be a typical action thriller full of clichés and predictability and granted there are a couple but it far exceeded expectation. Luc Besson’s vision is more than just action scenes it is something bigger, it always has been, take The Fifth Element for example. Lucy is unfortunately one of those films that will be underwatched because it doesn’t appear to offer anything new. It does just the opposite. It combines…

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3 thoughts on “Lucy

    1. Thanks, I wrote this a while ago but just had a read through and thought I’d get my rant out there haha! Thanks, I had to change it up so the search bar was more visible, Wow, literally just read it thanks Rob :) I’ll have a think and get back to you

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