Better Call Saul – Nacho

                        Nacho - Episode 3

‘Nacho’ opens with a brief flashback to a time before. Enter Chuck and Jimmy in a county jail and the mystery surrounding Jimmy’s notorious alias, Slippin’ Jimmy, is teased out. Jimmy enters with the usual brio and bounce but his mood soon shifts when the reality of his situation, potentially being labelled a sex offender, sets in. Begging with Chuck to help him get out of his mess we witness the end of Slippin’ Jimmy’s reign.

Cut to the present day and Jimmy finds himself trapped. Nacho, introduced in episode 2 has offered Jimmy and substantial ‘finders fee’ if he helps him rip the Kettleman’s off. Nacho, revealing his plan to extort the Kettleman’s the night before in Jimmy’s office, begins casing the family home.

Jimmy desperate to avoid a confrontation with Nacho attempts to anonymously warn the Kettleman’s of their potential danger, although his “sex robot voice” didn’t do him any wonders.With no contact from Nacho the next morning Jimmy fears his new, dangerous client may have acted on his plan. Continuing the theme established in the first two episodes, and recognisbale from Breaking Bad, Jimmy has to battle multiple angles in order to save his own skin.

Jimmy is later delivered an ultimatum by Nacho. After it is revealed that Nacho has been picked up by the police Jimmy has to get Nacho out of jail that same day or face Tuco’s wrath. In a tense interrogation room stand-off Nacho’s intimidation steals the show knocking Jimmy back in his seat and shocking the viewer, effectively establishing a fear within the audience for Jimmy’s well being.

The boppy CSI music, shady movements in the night, crude disguised voices, and anonymous phone calls all come together to turn episode three into a mini-murder kidnapping mystery. Coasting along at a steady pace the suspense builds gradually as Jimmy’s clock is ticking faster than ever in an effort to save himself from Tuco’s manic psycopathy.

In a climactic finale that follows Jimmy through the lonely wilderness in search of the Kettleman’s, Bobby Bare’s ‘Find Out What’s Happening’ aptly rounds out Jimmy’s journey. Stumbling across a tent, shrieking camp songs, and appearance all in a state Jimmy’s rendition of The Shining‘s famous line shocks the Kettleman’s but serves as comedic gold for the viewer.

Quote of the episode – “Nacho is ‘Nacho’ man.” – Jimmy. Odenkirk is on top form in this episode. With one of the best scripts so far we see different emotions from Jimmy, executed perfectly by Odenkirk’s natural talent for this role. Episode 4 review to follow shortly. With the airing of episode 5 last night I plan to get the review up by Thursday latest.

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