Better Call Saul – Mijo

                          Mijo - Episode 2

After running head on into Tuco’s psychopathic housewife charade Jimmy is confronted with a life or death situation that he most certainly didn’t bargain for when he cooked up his little scheme. With two budding ‘Slippin Jimmy’s’ lying bloodied and hogtied in Tuco’s garage Jimmy, quite literally staring down the barrel of a gun, shows us why he’s the best lawyer in Albuquerque.

Dragged out to the desert by Tuco we’re treated to a scene plucked straight from the Breaking Bad textbook. Throw in two sketchy looking vehicles, some conspicuous individuals and three bound hostages, and the soaring desert imagery and we have ourselves a scene that brings memories from Breaking Bad flooding back. Some of BB‘s best moments take place in the heated lonely wilderness, away from attention but Jimmy copes with the situation with cool aplomb.

Utilising his passion for words and his persuasive abilities Jimmy is quick to disprove the claim that he’s “the worst lawyer” ever. Introduced to Tuco’s lieutenant, Nacho, Better Call Saul makes good on Breaking Bad‘s consistency in introducing great new characters to the show. The rational, level-headed, most businessman-like member of Tuco’s entourage Nacho is willing to listen to Jimmy’s argument and pass judgement on his fate, as well as the two boys lying in the dust.

Talking the boys down from a death sentence the entire scene takes it’s toll on Jimmy’s otherwise cool exterior as he begins to break down during a slightly out of place restaurant scene. The scene can be forgiven purely because of it’s direction and use of shots but from the two episodes so far this scene doesn’t quite fit with the persona being built.

Cheap boobs and broken breadsticks aside Jimmy stumbles into Charles ‘Chuck’ McGill’s humble abode after his date. Suffering from self-diagnosed Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Chuck, Jimmy’s older brother, confronts Jimmy about the night’s events. With an aversion to electromagnetic fields, including mobile phones Chuck’s condition requires a zero tolerance approach to electricity in the house necessitating visitors to leave all electronic items outside and ground themselves before entering. Confronting Jimmy in the morning Chuck stumbles across a medical bill for broken legs. Naturally, given Jimmy’s past, Chuck fears that ‘Slippin Jimmy’ might have made a return.

Jumping right back on the horse Jimmy heads down to the local court to earn his measly living. “It’s showtime folks.” Coffee in hand, defendent acquitted and one parking sticker too short, all in a days work for Jimmy. Jimmy’s lyrical dance with Nacho in the desert comes into it’s own after this whimsical montage as we see him ply his trade and continue the aggravating banter with Mike at the parking booth.

Quote of the episode – “It’s showtime.” – Jimmy. Originally taken from Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz Jimmy has adopted the catchphrase for his courthouse bathroom warmup. Jimmy’s pre-court psyche, the equivalent of a ski bum’s pole bashing gives us an insight into Jimmy’s natural talent for persuasion which is going to grow and grow throughout the series.

Ending in with Jimmy and Nacho in Jimmy’s “cosy” boiler room office Nacho attempts to coax Jimmy into helping him rip the Kettleman’s off. Jimmy initially refuses to help but driven by the prospect of a healthy ‘finders fee’ we can see the temptation in his eyes. Episode Three review to follow soon.

I didn’t rate the first episode because it would be unfair to judge it up against Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul comes into it’s own after this second episode and comparing it against the first episode Mijo thoroughly deserves   * * * *

Happy Viewing


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