Better Call Saul

Not making the usual mistake of deluding myself with good intentions to blog about an entire series when it draws to a conclusion I’ve decided to take the initiative (if four episodes late) to make Vince Gilligan’s Better Call Saul the subject of my next ‘Special Epsiode.”

In Better Call Saul Netflix, the flagship of online streaming services, has tapped into the modern viewer’s growing interest in streaming their entertainment. No more trips to HMV, no more waiting for Lovefilm to send out their scratched DVD’s, Saul Goodman can be on your screen in a matter of seconds. Who do we have to thank for this revelation? Netflix? Absolutely not. In a weird way we have ourselves to thank. The public reaction to Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad threw a serious spanner in the works. Minus the odd long running sitcom Breaking Bad is easily up there as the most talked about TV show of the decade and I don’t see it surrendering top spot anytime soon.

Our reaction to Saul Goodman mid-way through the Breaking Bad desert opera opened new channels for development in Gilligan’s production team. Fastforward two years since the dramatic conclusion of Heisenberg’s reign and Better Call Saul is served to us on a silver platter with all the trimmings. Producing one of the finest prequel spin-offs to hit our screens Heisenberg’s formula has been refined further to create a crystal clear, overtly loquacious back story to Saul Goodman’s origin.

Bringing you a mini-epsiode review every Wednesday each review will focus on James M. McGill, played by the compelling Bob Odenkirk, criminal lawyer extraordinaire. Including a favourite quote from that episode, with our knowledge of Saul’s ability to talk his way out of anything we’re in for a treat.

Better Call Saul airs every Tuesday on Netflix.

Happy Viewing

3 thoughts on “Better Call Saul

  1. Sure is, I’m a bit late in getting this out but I’ve only just had the time this week to watch all four episodes currently out. I’ve got the first review down and will post it later. Busy writing day tomorrow!


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