Next time on Back to the Viewer

While my fingers have had a little break from blogging recently my head has been whirring away. With so much to watch these days it can be difficult to keep up with the latest releases. Combine that with an endless list of films watched and yet to review there is no shortage of things to do. Having recently wrapped my head around what needs to be done I drew a little two page planner for you guys (he says knowing full well he needs it more for himself) so you know what to expect over the next couple of weeks.

page 1  Although I went to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1 some time ago now I have been a bit lax in bringing you a review. Never fear, Katniss is finally here, or at least will be tomorrow. Guardians of the Galaxy kind of fell into no man’s land unfortunately but having rewatched it recently a review is in the works, I’m sure Xandar won’t mind waiting a couple more days. Jackie Brown was the next Quentin Tarantino film up for review for the ‘Big Kahuna on Set’ category but I have dual motive for bringing that review to you soon, hinted at on the second page. Back to the Future II is up for review also.

With the end of Attack on Titan leaving a considerable Anime void I was quick to find a suitable replacement that didn’t shock as much but was equally entertaining. Avatar: The Last Airbender was exactly what I needed (even if that meant postponing my ‘To Watch List’ a little longer). Both featuring as ‘Special Episodes’ I’m going to have my work cut out to do them both justice.

With the launch of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1 review tomorrow a ‘Month in Stubs’ feature is required to round-up my cinema viewings of November. So stay tuned for a quick recap session if there is anything you missed out on.

Page 2Moving swiftly on, for my next ‘Article’ I’ll be looking at Alejandro González Iñárritu’s latest feature, Birdman, set for release in the UK 1st January 2015. Needless to say from my notebook, I’m excited!

Lastly, I’ve decided to hint at some of the films on my ‘To Watch List’ that I hope to bring you reviews on in the near future. Obviously the list is considerably larger than just the three but I didn’t want to commit to more than I could handle (fears he may already have done). Courtesy of a friend’s suggestion Where the Wild Things Are has moved very close to the top of my list. Continuing my Paul Thomas Anderson drive on the run up to Inherent Vice a second viewing of Boogie Nights is essential, likewise a first of Magnolia. Depending on how things go I should add Under the Skin to this list as well, but we’ll see.

I look forward to the writing ahead and I hope you enjoy the read. Happy viewing.


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