Special Episodes

The latest feature to come from Back to the Viewer sees a special focus on television and more specifically television series’ that I have seen from start to finish. More importantly television series’ that I love.

TV Specials has spawned out of the sudden surge of renewed energy in television networks. TV has been around for a long time and we often take it for granted, for instance dedicated followers of Eastenders really do live in a bubble of social drivel and depression. I don’t think I have ever turned Eastenders on, by accident I might add, and seen a happy face. TV should not get you down, it should inspire hope that there are people out there who have a passion for bringing you quality storytelling with unique characters and original plots, not a reminder that our lives are sometimes droll and painful.

Television has undoubtedly changed over the last few years. American networks have really upped their game and while British television saunters around in the comfort of mini drama series and quirky sit-coms, some of the greatest television to hit our screens in recent times has come from across the pond. With new online platforms such as Netflix making it easier for us Brits to seek out and endulge in the latest America has to offer there is rarely a shortage of viewing options. Orange is the New Black, Dexter, and Breaking Bad are all available to watch, there are no advert breaks and most importantly the next episode is available immediately. The future of TV is certainly changing but to talk about each episode individually would take up far too much time and other sites out there are dedicated to doing just that. Instead TV Specials will focus on my views of each show, often in its entirety, although I feel some shows deserve more of a break down, so we’ll see, but basically the idea is to bring you a focused article with a brief analysis and explanation as to why I love the show so much.

Don’t get me wrong British television has had its moments, Only Fools and Horses for example is one of the greatest shows in British history but for its global recognition American TV will feature more prominently here.

There are already a few ideas in the works and they are certainly not limited to live action series. All will be revealed shortly so hold tight viewers. Oh and there might be chance to get involved if you feel you have something burning inside you that has to be said.

Ciao for now.

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