Because I watched…

If like me you are a customer of Netflix and tend to browse its extensive library only to find that nothing on offer takes your fancy, never fear!

Each week I will pick a genre at random from the selection Netflix offers. From that genre I must choose a film without knowing anything about it, other than perhaps the name which is sometimes unavoidable. From this process it is likely that the ratio of good:bad is going to be outweighed by the latter. But when a quality, entertaining film does greet me by surprise it will make your process of finding something to watch a little bit easier.

My only exception to these rules is Horror films. Some people get a kick out of fear and the paranormal. I don’t. Apart from Zombies, who seem innocently violent in some way? Unlike a serial killer that lurks in the shadows of an abandoned house with a pre-meditated maleficent ritual to carry out. Zombies offer something different. Sure, Zombies are possessed by pure evil but the ability to mock them explicitly or implicitly for our own pleasure is rewarding. Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland prove that Zombies have a comically innocent feature about them that is difficult to be afraid of. I think the inevitability of our protagonist/s coming into contact with the undead takes away the fear of not knowing what evil awaits. I’d take a seething mass of blood thirsty Zombies over a haunted house any day.

Tangent aside, if all goes to plan I will have the laborious but potentially enjoyable task of sifting through a lot of what Netflix has to offer and informing you what is worth watching and what is worth avoiding.

For the sake of this experiment I will using a simple Recommend or Avoid rating system.

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